The Big Challenge at HeGy

On Thursday, April 11, 2024, the BIG Challenge took place.
500,372 students participated all over Europe, with 52,452 of them participating in Germany and 50 students from our school. The event took place in music halls 112 and 113. Students in grades 5-9 were part of it.

The beginning was quite challenging because we discovered that many students were missing or sick. Some students had forgotten that it was competition day. Once the missing students arrived, the BIG Challenge finally began. We had a school lesson (45 minutes) to answer 75 questions on grammar, spelling, and knowledge about English-speaking countries. During the Challenge, both rooms were quiet, and you could see that everyone was concentrating well. The teachers were also quiet and took a few pictures (which you can see below). After 40 minutes, the first students finished and were allowed to return to their classrooms. However, the concentration was the same. All in all, the BIG Challenge was very cool and you could test your knowledge.
We are now looking forward to the award ceremony in July!

Rebecca Eberhard, Alexandra Lovkin, Eunyce Sande and Eva-Sophia Schöll (year 6)